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NOW Therapy

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Therapeutic Counselling for Today

Now Therapy isn't the therapy of the past. It doesn't assume you're 'broken' or need 'fixing'.


Now Therapy is a contemporary, supportive and non-judgemental counselling and mental health service, which sees you as an equal - a human being who's valuable, worthy of empathy, capable of change and of reaching your potential.

Now Therapy can work with you - wherever you are in life right now, whatever's going on for you right now - whether that means tackling difficult issues, implementing change or practicing mental health maintenance.

There's no time like NOW.



Sessions are available

on a 1-to-1 basis,

 in person or online.

All sessions are

50 minutes each and

£60.oo per session.

In Person

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like to meet in person.

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Sessions delivered via Zoom



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A white woman with long hair and glasses

Angela DePastino


Psychotherapist | Integrated 

Therapeutic Counsellor, Certified Personal Performance Coach and Founder of Now Therapy


Angela is the founder of Now Therapy. She has a warm, friendly, down-to-earth counselling style and a deeply empathetic, approachable manner. She is passionate about clients feeling validated, accepted and empowered - as fellow human beings - and not as 'broken' or 'damaged' individuals. She can work with you on a range of issues and/or goals and will do so in a tailored, collaborative and dynamic way. Angela has experience working with adults and teenagers. She has a wealth of life experience and her background includes varied and extensive volunteer work in local communities with organisations such as Kidz Club Inc., Spark/Worth Unlimited, New City College/Havering Colleges and Hope House, Loughton.

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Person-Centred Counselling/Humanistic Therapy includes Gestalt and Transactional Analysis. It's a client-centred approach which believes that -- given the right conditions -- you have the capacity to change and grow. Sessions are a safe space to explore whatever you choose, at your own pace, with a qualified counsellor to listen and support you.

Psychoeducation arms you with knowledge, techniques and strategies. It offers the opportunity to gain awareness, shift perspective and develop a deeper understanding, so you can better manage, problem-solve and implement change.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) aims to identify, challenge and reframe unhelpful thoughts (cognitive) and unhelpful actions/reactions (behaviour) so you can work with issues in a more positive way.

Coaching encourages you to set goals, establishes accountability and challenges you to reach for personal and/or professional success. It can empower you break through old barriers and develop new practices and habits.


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Phone: 07735 916 180 (by appointment only)

Location: Loughton, Essex


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